Getting to Loreto

“And you may ask yourself, Well how did I get here?” David Byrne, “Once in a lifetime

There are many ways to travel throughout Baja.  From Mules, to motorcycles.  The purpose of this page is to provide up to date information about how to get from the States to Loreto specifically.  It is also possible to catch flights to Cabo San Lucas, or La Paz and from there take a rental car or the bus to Loreto.  We hope this aids you in your journey.

These two can show you the “scenic route”









Alaska Airlines

There are currently two airlines that fly into Loreto International Airport.  One of them is Alaska Airlines (  Flight 2601 leaves LAX at 10:30, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Tuesday.  This later flight is nice because it give people time to arrive to LAX, check in and still catch their flight.

The return flight is flight 2602, which as of now leaves at 2 pm and arrives in LA at 4pm.  This can be difficult for scheduling a connecting Alaska flight.  Most people need to check the websites of specific airlines such as South West, or Jet Blue for a connecting flight.  Give yourself about 3 hours between flights.

Aero Calafia

Aero Calafia ( provides flights all along Baja California Sur and to the Western Coast of Northern Mexico as well.  Currently they are offering flights from Tijuana to Loreto.  The plane leaves Tijuana at 1:40 and arrives in Loreto at 4:50pm.  The reverse flight from Loreto leaves at 11:45 and arrives at Tijuana around 1pm.

Both Alaska and Aero Calafia change their flight times and availability, so confirm these times.

You may be telling yourself “Well the cheaper flight from Tijuana to Loreto sounds awesome, but how on earth do I get to Tijuana?” Read Ahead.


Over the Border:

Greyhound offers a wonderful service called “The Crucero Line” .You can take this line from various Greyhound Bus Stations from Fresno on down.  Once over the border they make three stops:

One at the border where you need to identify your checked luggage if you have it under the bus.  You can also get your tourist card here if you’d like. If the immigration official is there, I’d recommend it.

The second stop is at the Tijuana Bus Station (which was far and away nicer than any bus station I’ve seen in the states).

The third stop is at the Tijuana Airport and it then returns to the border and crosses in the bus lane.  This is often shorter than the walking line across the border, however it still can be 2 hours waiting on the shuttle.

You can also take a taxi straight from the border to the airport, or the airport to the border.  There is an area just as you cross where licensed taxis await.  These taxis do not take you over the border, so you need to walk across.

Once in Baja:

There are two Bus lines that run from Northern Baja to Southern Baja.  They are Aguila, and ABC Aguila buses run (on average) once every hour from the stations.  The stations are very clean, very safe and offer food and snacks.  The buses make stops for meals and restrooms at various stations.  The buses themselves are very clean, comfortable and often show movies (you can judge a trip’s distance by how many movies you go through).  The ride from Tijuana to Loreto can be a 16 hour (that’s about 4-5 movies) trek, so be prepared!!

Additional Info:

San Diego has a wonderful transit system.  If you need to get from the airport to the bus station  or to the border or around the area, check out their services.